WhatsApp tricks 2018


Reading all your messages can be hard, especially if your colleagues have the habit of contacting you via WhatsApp. So the buildup of unread messages is inevitable.


But if you’re the obsessive-compulsive sort and our number of unread messages (99 at last count) is making your left eye twitch uncontrollably, there’s a quick way to reset the counter without having to go through each message.

How: Hit Edit in the top left corner, and then Read All at the bottom. Ahh, that must feel good. You can stop twitching now.

This is also where you can dump or archive multiple chats at once.


whatsapp features 2018

How many group chats are you in right now? Plenty, we bet. Given that you can have up to 256 participants in one group chat, there must be a bit of overlap with your existing individual chats.

And sometimes there are things you want to say to someone that should never be mentioned in a group setting, but it’s also a pain to go locate that individual chat. There’s a simple way to start an individual chat quickly from a group one.

How: In the group chat, tap and hold the person’s name you wish to speak to in private and then hit Message. You will be teleported right into that individual chat without you having to scroll-search your extensive list of chats. It’s a minor detail but a really handy shortcut to have around, especially when you want to stop a friend from quickly leaking a secret in a digital group setting.



We all have that one friend who asks a string of questions at one time. By the time he’s done, you will need to make sure you address his questions directly to make sure your message won’t be subject to misinterpretation. There’s an easier way than replying in chronological order.

How: Tap and hold the specific message you want to reply to directly and hit Reply and type your answer. This will then show up as a screenshot of the message you’re replying with your answer right below. No room for miscommunication then.



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